Come As You Are Malena


at almost 4 months

at almost 6 months

at almost 6 months

Looking at grass being greener on the other side??? Head at age 8 months

at 18 months

at 20 months, October '05

at almost 26 months, April '06

at almost 26 months, April '06

15.2.2004 - 23.2.2009
euthanasia, liver tumor

sire: Butcher By Free Half
dam: Come As You Are Alabama

owners: L. Nikka, Finland

ED (OD)-0/0
Cardiotested - normal (13.11.2006; clinical + ECG + ultra)
vWd - free (vapaa; Finnzymes DNA test)

CAC, Best Female -placement

Shown in Baby class (5-7 months):

Tampere Puppy-show 14.8.2004 1st Female Baby & HP & BOS-Baby for Mrs Lahi (EST)

Riihimäki Puppy-show 5.9.2004 EX for Mrs Karttunen (FIN)

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months):

Hyvinkää Puppy-show 25.9.2004 2nd Best Female Puppy for Mr Harsanyi (HU)

Helsinki Puppy-show 31.10.2004 2nd Best Female Puppy for Mrs M. Holm (FIN)

Shown in Junior class:

Turku (CACIB) 30.1.2005 VG 3 for Mrs Raita (FIN)

Tampere (CACIB) 20.3.2005 G for Mrs Rekiranta (FIN)

Working Breeds's Spring Show 14.5.2005 G for Mrs Collins (IRL)

Helsinki Aptus Show (CACIB) 21.5.2005 EX 1, 4th Best Female, CAC for R. Khomadsuridze (RUS)

Helsinki 7.8.2005 G for A. Whitmarsh (SWE)

Shown in Youth class:

Hämeenlinna (CACIB) 20.8.2005 G for Mr Tast (FIN)

Porvoo 10.9.2005 EX 1, 2nd Best Female, CAC for Mrs E. Eriksson (SWE)

Lahti 15.1.2006 VG for Mrs A. Karttunen (FIN)

Shown in Open class:

Lahti (CACIB) 23.4.2005 EX 2, 3rd Best Female, res-CAC for Mr Tuovinen (FIN)

Helsinki 7.5.2006 VG 1 for Mrs C. Ranne (FIN)

Järvenpää 28.5.2006 EX 2, 2nd Best Female & res-CAC for Mr A. Alessandri (IT)

Karjaa 9.7.2006 EX 2 for Kirsi Laamanen (FIN)

Helsinki 15.7.2006 can not be judged (EVA) for Keith Cronchey (Australia)

Mäntsälä 23.7.2006 VG 4 for Bojan Matakovic (CRO)

Vantaa 29.7.2006 EX1, 2nd Best Female, res-CAC for Annika Ulltveit-Moe (SWE)

Kouvola 19.8.2006 0 for Maret Kärdi (EST)

Hämeenlinna (CACIB) 27.8.2006 VG 2 for Mr Fors (SWE)

Helsinki 2.9.2006 EX 2, 4th Best Female for Karl Reisinger (A)

Helsinki 17.9.2006 VG for Nina Karlsdotter (SWE)

Tervakoski 26.8.2007 G for Margareta Skogsberg (SWE)

Vantaa 2.9.2007 EX 2, 4th Best Female for Stefan Sinko (SLO)

Porvoo 9.9.2007 VG 4 for Zsolt Lokodi (RO)

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