C.I.B & FIN & RUS & EST & LT & LV & BALT CH, EST W'08, HeVW-13, ADpr, BH, FinDAL Open Show BOS-VET-14

O'zone Evald

"Eetu" at 6 weeks

at 6 weeks

at 9 weeks

at 9 weeks

at 14 weeks

Training basics of search in Feb.'06

Training basics of search in Feb.'06

at 7,5 months

at 7,5 months

at 7,5 months

"Eetu" (May 2nd'06) at basics of SAR training - looking for a lost person on a construction site

Basics of field tracking - 2nd time - May'06

at approx. 10 months

at approx. 10 months

Eppu & Eetu at 12 months

© J. Vierimaa & P.Kylmälä

Eetu & Jirka heel, May'07

© J. Vierimaa & P.Kylmälä

Eetu & Jirka - mens' stories...

© K. Virtala

Eetu at Tervakoski INT show August 26th'07

© K. Virtala

Eetu at Tervakoski INT show August 26th'07

© K. Virtala

Eetu at Tervakoski INT show August 26th'07

Eetu & autumn forest '07

© J-M. Perkkala

Eetu in BH-test; social behavior

© J-M. Perkkala

Eetu in BH-test; social behavior

© J. Vierimaa

Eetu in FIN Charactertest; defence

© S. Mäki

Eetu in Tampere INT 2008

© M. Rytkönen

Eetu stand at 2,5 years

© T. Pietilä

Eetu in World Dalmatian Show'08, Swedish Dalmatian Club Speciality

Eetu with I-litter pups, March'09

Eetu in Estonian Winner 2008

Eetu in Estonian Winner 2008

Eetu in Estonian Winner 2008

© O. Vilkuna

O'zone Formosa & O'zone Evald, 17.4.11

© V. Turunen

Family portrait: WJW-11 Oz. Kharisma with proud parents Fi&EE CH LC Close To Ozone and C.I.B.&BALT&FI&RU&EE&LV< CH EEW-08 BH AD Oz. Evald, June 2011

© O. Vilkuna

Eetu 6½ years 02/2012

© O. Vilkuna

Oz.Evald 7 years & Oz.Formosa 5½ years, July'12

© O. Vilkuna

Powerdogs Eetu 7½ years & Åsa 6 years, 31.3.13

© A.Vilkuna

CIB & MultiCH Oz. Evald almost 8 years, 30.4.2013

© E. Weckman

Eetu almost 8 years, 06/2013

© O. Vilkuna

Eetu stand at age almost 8 years

© O. Vilkuna

Eetu expression at age almost 8 years

© O. Vilkuna

Oz. Evald aka. Eetu 9 years, 09/2014

(arrythmia due to GVS - gastric volvulus syndrome - on the operating table at vet clinic)

My heart will stay here
when it’s time for me to leave.
The autumn wind just plays its’ song
like it would know everything.
My heart will stay here forever
in the place I lived.
Tough I can only stay here
until it’s the last night of summer.
When I am gone then You’ll only hear
the whispering waves at the shore.
If You believe more than You think
then I will greet You in it.
Once again You see the summer and
hear the songs of the birds.
If your senses are open even for a moment
then You’ll understand my message in it.
My heart will stay here
it will always be near You.
You’ll reach it if You want
even if there weren’t any songs left on earth.
My heart will stay here
forever in the place I lived.

("Mun sydämeni tänne jää" K. Tapio)

Farewell my love.....
Hyvästi rakkaani....

owners: K. Vilkuna & O. Vilkuna, Finland

neck & spine x-rayed: normal (11/2006)
BAER +/- (left/right)
missing 1 x P1
Partial amputation of the tail due trauma (08/2011, FKU Veterinary Certificate)
sterilized 06/2012
endocardiosis detected 01/2014
Mitral valve dysfunction diagnosed 02/2014 (Helsinki University Veterinarian Hospital, Cardiological Clinic; YES / kardiologia)
Heart Failure (Mitral Valve Insuffiency) in the Dog

3 x CAC (full CAC's), CAC Russia, CAC Estonia, CAC Latvia, CACIB Estonia, CACIB Latvia & res-CAC's, 2 x CACIB, Best Male -placements, BOS-Junior, BOB, BOS, BIS 5 (LV), BIG 1 (LV), BIG 3, EST W'08

ADpr (kestävyyskoe 5.9.2007)
BH (23.9.2007)
Finnish Charactertest (LT 11.11.2007 +144 p.)

Progeny: O'zone K-litter


S u & FIN & EST & LV CH, HD-B BAER +/+ ARDS-free

Ekryda Grane


Labyrinth Big Spender

Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire

Indalane Blackwatch

Indalane Lady Sabrina
Labyrinth Penny Ante

Labyrinth Oscar Madison
Aposta De Montjuici

Ekryda Embla
Cab's Karat
N & S CH

Golden Boy Of Trumpeters

Cab's Fragancia
Ekryda Deirdre
INT & L & NORD & DK CH NW-91 SW-91

Knight Of Gold At Theakston
Solbo's Aniara
FIN & LV CH, FDC Youth Winner & BOS-Youth '03 HD-A/B BAER +/+

Jilloc's Girl of Thousand Dream

Timanka's Famous Footsteps

Dalming's Fair Play
Nord CH

T-Cart Quempas
INT & N & S CH N W '89 & '92

Kjimo's Alize
N & S CH

Timanka's Above All
INT & N & S CH

Risador's Anton
N & S CH

Perdita's Let'em Talk

Jilloc's A Match Made in Heaven

Rocca Al Mare Allegro ad Jilloc's

Cheerio Victory
INT & LUX & Nord & FIN CH S W '92-93-94-95 Nord & Europe W '96

Skartofta's Clothilde
INT & S & N & DK & FIN CH NordW '99

Ridotto Zoe

Bobbysocks Athos
Liberline's Living Doll

Shown in Baby class (5-7 months; 1 show)

Lahti 15.1.2006 2 nd Best Male Baby with Honor Prize (KP) for Mrs Juutilainen (FIN)

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months; 2 shows)

Tampere (CACIB) 18.3.2006 Best Male Puppy with Honor Prize (KP) & BOB-puppy for Mr F. de Ridder (BE)

Finnish DAL Club Puppy & Junior Speciality Show 25.3.2006 2nd Best Male Puppy & HP & Speciality Prize for Best Liver Puppy for Mr Teini(FIN)

Shown in Junior class (9-18 months)

Turenki 6.5.2006 VG 2 for Mr T. Eerola (FIN)

Helsinki (CACIB) 21.5.2006 G for Mrs T. Illukka (FIN)

Riihimäki 28.5.2006 EX 1 for Mrs J. Kruus (EST)

European Winner (CACIB) Helsinki 9.6.2006 EX 4 for Mrs Z. Thorn Adrews (GB)

Finnish Dalmatian Club Speciality Show, Nurmijärvi 10.6.2006 EX for Mr P. Rance (GB)

Salo 8.7.2006 EX 3 for Mrs L. Zake (Latvia)

Karjaa 9.7.2006 VG 2 for Mr M. Mähönen (FIN)

Kuopio 4.8.2006 EX 1, 2nd best Male, CAC for Mrs M. Talvitie (FIN)

Kuopio (CACIB) 5.8.2006 VG 2 for Mr S. Sinko (SLO)

Hämeenlinna (CACIB) 27.8.2006 EX for Mrs B. Ovesna (CZ)

FinDAL Club Autumn Puppy & Junior & Open show 21.10.2006 EX 1 & Best Male & BOS-Junior & BOS & Best Liver Spotted for Mrs T. Tuomisto (FIN)

Finnish Winner-06, Helsinki 10.12.2006 EX 4 for Mrs M. Poggesi Arnetoli (IT)

Shown in Youth class (15-24 months)

Jyväskylä (CACIB) 19.11.2006 EX 1& 4th Best Male & res-CAC for Mr J. Sanchez (SP)

Turku (CACIB) 19.11.2006 EX 2 for Mr T. Pehar (CRO)

Lahti CACIB 28.4.2007 EX 1, 3rd Best Male, CAC for Mr T. Pukkila (FIN)

Turenki 6.5.2007 VG 1 for Mr J. Lappi (FIN)

Hollola 17.5.2007 VG 4 for Mr H. Lehkonen (FIN)

FinDAL Speciality Show, Jämsä 21.7.2007 EX for J. Marshall (AUS)

Pori CACIB 29.7.2007 G for K. Järvinen (FIN)

Shown in Open class

Kouvola 18.8.2007 VG 2 for S. Juutilainen (FIN)

Heinola 19.8.2007 VG 2 for E. Tan-Hietalahti (FIN)

Tervakoski CACIB 26.8.2007 VG 2 for E. Norrmanseth (N)

Seinäjoki CACIB 21.10.2007 EX 2 for P. Teini (FIN)

Lahti CACIB 28.10.2007 EX 2 for J. Kruus (EST)

Finnish Winner-07, Helsinki 8.12.2007 EX 2 for E. Engh (N)

Tampere CACIB 15.3.2008 EX 1, 3rd Best Male, res-CAC for M.-C. Delabelle (BE)

Lahti CACIB 27.4.2008 EX 1, 2nd Best Male, CAC -> FIN CH, res-CACIB -> converted to CACIB for E. Nummijärvi (FIN)

World Dalmatian Show 2008 - Almare Stäket - Swedish Dalmatian Speciality Show 5.7.2008 EX for C. Jenvall (DK)

World Winner Show, Stockholm 6.7.2008 EX 3 for A. Foss

Shown in Champion class

Vyborg, Russia CAC 24.5.2008 EX 1, Best Male, CAC, BOB, BIG 1-> RUS CH (to be confirmed) for A. Belkin (RUS)

Tallinn, Estonia Winner 2008 CACIB EX 1, Best Male, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Estonian Winner '08 -> EST CH for T. Leenen (BE) (this result qualifies to Crufts)

Tallinn, Estonia Group 6 Speciality Show EX 1, 3rd Best Male for S. Stefik (SLO)

Turku Dalmatian Speciality Show 8.6.2008 EX 3, Best Charactertested

Kotka CACIB 14.6.2008 EX 1, Best Male, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3 for S. Seymour (Australia)

Helsinki Finnish Winner 14.12.2008 EX 3 for M. Sunde (NO)

Vilnus (Lithuania) CACIB 20.12.2008 EX 2 for B. Petkievicene (LTU)

Vilnus (Lithuania) CACIB 21.12.2008 EX 1, class-CAC, Best Male "winner CAC", CACIB -> LTU CH!

Helsinki CACIB 24.5.2009 EX 1, Best Male, BOS, CACIB -> INT CH! for M. Leonard (IRL)

Riga (Latvia) CACIB 13.6.2009 EX 3, 3rd Best Male

Riga (Latvia) CACIB 14.6.2009 EX 1, Best Male, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1, BIS 5 -> LV CH

Shown in Veteran class

22.3.2014 Vierumäki, FinDAL Open show-14 EX1 CQ BOS-vet for M. Wallenius (kennel Tinydot's, FI)

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