Santa Julf Lanvin

J. Fedorova

"Simo" at 2 months

J. Korpilaakso

Simo at 5 months

J. Korpilaakso

Simo approx. 10 months summer'08

J. Korpilaakso

Simo late summer'09

J. Korpilaakso

Simo late summer'09

Simo, April '10

Simo, April '10

9.10.2007 - 28.3.2014 (impaired heart function due long other illness; cardiac failure)

owner: J. Korpilaakso, Finland

Kennel Crossbone's French Bulldogs


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The rules on cropped & docked dogs that came into force in Finland on January 1st 2001 prohibit any such dog born after that day to participate in any event, show, trial or test in which the dog would be evaluated and/or judged - thus "Simo" can not participate in shows or trials in Finland.

Shown in Junior class

Rakvere, Estonia CAC 25.10.2008 VG 3 for W. Hubenthal (NO)

Shown in Open class

Rakvere, Estonia CAC 17.10.2008 EX 2, 2nd Best Male for T. Borkowski (PO)

Tallinna INT, Estonia 21.8.2010 VG 3 for O. Schimpf (A)

Tallinna INT, Estonia 22.8.2010 VG 2 for G. Schogol (Georgia)

Tallinna CAC, Estonia 12.9.2010 EX 1, 2nd Best Male, CAC for O. Kupriyanova-Sinko (SLO)

Rakvere CAC, Estonia 16.10.2010 VG 1 for I. Pablaka (LT)

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