FIN & LV CH, FDC Youth Winner & BOS-Youth '03

Jilloc's Girl of Thousand Dream

"Peppi" 8 weeks in pic

almost 9 months in pic; Helsinki CACIB-show '02, BOB & BIS 5 -puppy

at 1,5 years

(c) M.-M. Haapalainen

Peppi in Kuopio INT 1.8.2008 at almost 7 years

(c) M.-M. Haapalainen

Peppi in Kuopio INT 1.8.2008 at almost 7 years

15.9.2001 - 7.8.2012 (eutanasia; suspect CHF)

previous co-owners: S. Säilä & O. Vilkuna
present owner (from 1.1.2006): Sanna Säilä

HD-B (A/B)
BAER +/+ (bilateral hearing)
eyes officially examined (10.3.2004): free of all hereditary illnesses
missing 2 x P4, 1 x P3

Finnish Charactertest (LT 31.10.2004 +54 p.)

FIN CH, 3 x CAC & res-CAC's & Best Female -placements (Finland; full CAC), CACIB

LV CH, 1 x CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-2 (Latvia)
2nd Best Female & res-CACIB (Estonia)

Progeny: O'zone E-litter


Timanka's Famous Footsteps

Dalming's Fair Play
Nord CH

T-Cart Quempas
INT & N & S CH N W '89 & '92

Kjimo's Alize
N & S CH

Timanka's Above All
INT & N & S CH

Risador's Anton
N & S CH

Perdita's Let'em Talk

Jilloc's A Match Made in Heaven

Rocca Al Mare Allegro ad Jilloc's

Cheerio Victory
INT & LUX & Nord & FIN CH S W '92-93-94-95 Nord & Europe W '96

Skartofta's Clothilde
INT & S & N & DK & FIN CH NordW '99

Ridotto Zoe

Bobbysocks Athos
Liberline's Living Doll

Shown in Puppy class

2nd best female puppy at Lahti CACIB-show '02 for Mr Luoso (FIN)

3rd best female puppy at Kuopio CACIB-show '02

Best female puppy & BOB-puppy & BIS 5 at Helsinki CACIB-show '02 for Mr Lehtinen (FIN) and Mr Järvinen (FIN)

Shown in Junior class

EX 1, CQ, 2nd Best female & CAC for Mrs Lummelampi (FIN) at Kouvola CAC-show '02

EX 1, CQ, 5th Best female for Mr Stanton (SWE) at Helsinki CAC-show '02

EX 2 & HP (honor prize) for Mr Johansson (N) at FinDAL Puppy & Junior Speciality Show

EX 2 & HP (honor prize) for Mrs Edlander (SWE) at Jyväskylä CACIB-show '02

EX 2 & HP (honor prize) for Mr Järvinen at Finnish Winner (Helsinki) CACIB-show '02

EX 1 at Imatra CACIB-show for Mrs de Ridder-Onghena (BE)

Shown in Youth class

EX 1 & 2nd Best Female & res-CAC at Eno CAC-show 2.2.2003 for Mr Lappi (FIN)

EX 1 & res-CAC (Laukaa) for Mrs Hanniste (EST)

EX 1 & Youth Cl. (females) W & CAC & BOS-Youth at Finnish Dalmatian Club (FDC) Speciality Show '03 (Helsinki) for Mr Spoljaric (CRO)

Shown in Open class

EX 2 & CQ & res-CAC in Hamina 18.5.2003 for Mrs Coxall (GB)

EX 2 & CQ in Helsinki National Show 25.5.2003

EX in Jyväskylä 15.11.2003 for Mr Steinbacher (AUSTRIA)

EX 1, Best Female, CQ, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-2 in Riga CACIB-show (Latvia) 22.-23.11.2003 for Mr M.S. Hansen (Denmark)

EX 2 Helsinki 7.12.2003 Finnish Winner show for Mr Luoso (FIN)

EX 1, Best Female 2, res-CACIB Tallinn CACIB-show 7.2.2004 for Mrs Nousiainen (FIN)

EX 1, Best Female 2, CAC, FIN CH Kangaslampi 6.3.2004 for Mr Nummijärvi (FIN)

EX 4 Tallinn (Estonia) CACIB-show 28.8.2004 for Mr Vuorinen (FIN)

Shown in Champion class

EX 3 in Helsinki, Aptus Show (CACIB) 23.5.2004 for Mr Zidar (SLO)

EX 4 in Kotka (CACIB) 19.6.2004

EX 1, Best Female, BOS in Mäntyharju 31.7.2004 for Mrs Rekiranta (FIN)

EX in Kuopio, Finnish Dalmatian Club Speciality Show 6.8.2004 for Mrs Bailey (GB)

EX 3 in Tallinn (Estonia), Estonian Dalmatian Club Speciality Show 29.8.2004 for Mr Foss (N)

EX 2 in Jyväskylä (CACIB) 21.11.2004 for Mr Zidar (Slovenia)

EX in Finnish Winner 2004 (CACIB) 4.12.2004 for Mrs Coxall (GB)

EX 2 in Tampere (CACIB) 19.3.2005 for J. Lanning (GB)

EX 2, 2nd Best Female in Pieksamäki 11.6.2005 for J. Steinbock (ISRL)

EX 2 in Tartto 6.11.2005 for L. De Ridder Oneghna

Jyväskylä (CACIB) 20.11.2005 EX for Mr Peddie (CAN)

Helsinki, Finnish Winner 2005 17.12.2005 EX for Mrs Nilsson (Denmark)

Helsinki, Nordic Winner 2005 18.12.2005 EX for Mr Staunskjær (Denmark)

Juva CACIB 7.7.2007 EX 1, Best Female, CACIB, BOS for S. Helgesen (N)

Kuopio CACIB 1.8.2008 EX 2, 3rd Best Female, res-CACIB for H. Lehtinen (FIN)

"Peppi" at 5 months of age playing with "Hulda"'s brother Rocky, 4,5 years
- they're just the best of friends ;-)

Sanna with - from left - FIN CH Dalmira's Atomic-Eric (Rocky),
FIN & EST CH Marnellin Palma de Marina (Mira) &
FIN & LV CH Jilloc's Girl of Thousand Dream (Peppi)

"Peppi"'s mom, Jilloc's A Match Made in Heaven "Darling"

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