Washington State University (WSU) genetest

Washington State University (WSU) genetest

for one type of mutation responsible for a type of DCM in Dobermann. Here You can find the list of all Dobermanns tested in Finland with
WSU DCM genetest (updating in process):


This test is testing only for ONE type of gene mutation responsible for one type of DCM - getting a negative result doesn't mean the dog couldn't get another type of DCM.

The dog with negative result doesn't have this mutation and can be characterized as "TT".
The dog with heterotzygous positive result can be charactirized as "TS".
The dog with homozygous positive result can be characterized as "SS".

The following combinations are with low risk for only this type of genetic onset DCM:
TT + TT > producing only TT offspring
TT + TS > producing TT and TS offspring
TT + SS > producing only TS offspring -> altough this type of combination should be justifed eg. by widending effect on the genepool

As there is also the fact of uncomplete penetration it means that the postivie hetero- and homozygous tested dogs may never in their lifetime be
diagnosed with this type of DCM - and as this test is only valid for a type of genemutation it also means that the dogs tested negative may
develop another type of DCM in their lifetime.

Dr Maurs' webinair on the issue