Eria Pro Lady Sovereign

Yoda at arrival to new family in Finland

Yoda approx. 7 months

Yoda, April '10

12.11.2008 - 18.4.2012 (euthanasia due to behavioral problems)

sire: ZTP V1B Prince Del Bosco Delle Piane
dam: RUS CH, IPO1 Eria Pro Thesauros Troja

owners: L. Nikka, Finland

Shown in Baby class (5-7 months):

Tuomarinkartano 31.5.2009 Best Baby & Puppy Female, HP, BOB-puppy for E. Koivunen (FIN)

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months):

Hämeenlinna 28.6.2009 Best Female Puppy, HP, BOB-puppy for K. Laamanen (FIN)

Tuusula 4.7.2009 Best Female Puppy, HP, BOB-puppy for S. Hall (GB)

Tuomarinkartano 19.7.2009 Best Female Puppy for M. Mähönen (FIN)

Eukanuba Puppy Show, Tuomarinkartano Best Female Puppy for K. Salminen (FIN)

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