Santa Julf Zhivanshi

J. Fedorova

"Blackie" at 17 months

J. Fedorova

"Blackie" at 17 months

22.12.2005 -

HD-B (A/B)

owner: L. & H. Heikkinen, Finland


Livonijas Baron Heart of Hamlet
Nitro del Riobianco
Nilo del Riobianco
Farah del Riobianco
Paola Penelopa Piligrimas
Victor di Casa Balestrieri
Taisija iz Slavnoi Stai
Irinland Zh'Dara
Irinland Duc Dufer
Orson v. Roveline
Margot de Stang-Zu
Welenberg Ulfil Blansh
Irinus de Ferignis
Berenika Evro Belhaus

Shown in Puppy class (2 shows)

2 x VP (very promising)

Shown in Junior class (2 shows)

2 x CAC , BOB (Russia)

Shown in Intermediate class (2 shows)

4.1.2008 Göteborg (CACIB) EX 2 for N. Molin (SWE)

5.1.2008 Göteborg Swedish Winner-08 VG for J. Jusslin (FIN)

Shown in Open class

Rakvere, Estonia CAC 25.10.2008 EX 1, 3rd Best Male for W. Hubenthal (NO)

The rules on cropped & docked dogs that came into force in Finland on January 1st 2001 prohibit any such dog born after that day to participate in any event, show, trial or test in which the dog would be evaluated and/or judged - thus "Blackie" can not participate in shows or trials in Finland.

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