FDC Youth Winner '99

Dalmira's Agile-Macy

"Hulda" 21 months in pic

What interesting track do I have here?

expression at 3 years

FDC Youth Winner

at 6,5 years

Pulling a sledge at Veikkaus Winter Festival 2005

Photo by M. Rytkönen

Pulling a sledge at Veikkaus Winter Festival 2005

Photo by M. Rytkönen

© J. Vierimaa & P. Kylmälä

Hulda at 9,5 years, May'07

© A. Vilkuna

Irma 2,5 years & Hulda 11,5 years, January '09

8.11.1997 - 6.7.2009

owners: K. Vilkuna & O. Vilkuna, Finland

full dentition

many CAC-qualities and Best Female -placement, 2 x CAC, res-CAC
Finnish Dalmatian Club (FDC) Speciality Show: 1999 Youth Winner
3rd Best Female in BaltW 2000 in Estonia

Finnish Charactertest (LT +122 p.)


INT & FIN & EST & S & N CH

Caesand's Tops Smile

INT & FIN & S & EST CH EuropeW '91

Elaridge Prince Rufus
Peroca Pride of Elaridge
Elaridge Enchantment
Caesand's Just Perfect

Spotnik's Copyright

Caesands Emerald Star
FIN & EST CH BaltW '98

Marnellin Palma de Marina


Hedera's Euonymus Nanus

Bosville Colbost Curlew
Marnellin Domina Magna
Dalhill's Anello

Hedera's Acer Ginnala

Shown in Open class

12 weeks after the C-litter:

23.8.2003 Baltic Winner Show VG for Mr Luoso (FIN)
24.8.2003 Heinola National Show EX 2 for Mr Lisboa (Port)

13.9.2003 VG for Mrs Somerfield (GB)

Hämeenlinna 18.4.2004 EX 2, Best Female 3, res-CAC for Mr Silta (FIN)

Toijala 19.6.2004 VG 2 for Mr Silta (FIN)

Mäntsälä 11.7.2004 EX 2, 4th Best Female for Mr Skok (CRO)

Kuopio, Dalmatian Speciality Show 6.8.2004 EX for Mrs Bailey (GB)

Tervakoski 5.6.2005 VG for B.-Å. Bogren (SWE)

Vantaa 3.9.2005 EX 2 for Mr McDowell

Shown in Veteran class

Kuopio 4.8.2006 VG 2 for Mrs M. Talvitie (FIN)

Kuopio (CACIB) 5.8.2006 EX 2 for Mr S. Sinko (SLO)

Kouvola 18.8.2007 VG 2 for S. Juutilainen (FIN)

The happy Mom (A-litter born 12.07.2001), "Hulda".

Only 9 weeks after the puppies were born she was EX 3 at Lohja CAC-show '02.

"Hulda" has a very stable, playful and outgoing character - like a dalmatian should :-).
"Hulda" has also shown her talents in show-biz: she's been in some commercials...
she doesn't mind being in the center of attention :-)


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