O'zone N-litter

born October 15th 2012

1 female (black)



BH, ADpr, ZTP V 1A, IPO 3

Arrow van het Wantij

BH, ZTP V1A, VPG1/IPO1, French Brevet Ring

F'Hiram-Abif Royal Bell
Eko Royal Bell Nitro del Rio Bianco
Zara Royal Bell
Eboni v. Residenzschloss Gino Gomez del Citone
Arizona Royal Bell

Allie van het Wantishof
Jivago van het Wantij Graaf Quirinus v Neerlands Stam
Lara van het Wantij
Xienna van het Wantishof Graaf Vito van Neerlands Stam
Britt van het Wantij

O'zone Formosa

BaltW 2000

Petrus Giro De Diemar


Judifax Geronimo

MultiCH, IPO1

Graaf Quinto v. Neerlands Stamm
Judifax Beau Kantjil

TAN/TAT Brevet Ring

Jaïka de Diemar

F & LUX CH, TAN/TAT Brevet Ring

Habbas des Landrys
Hoxane Elya de Diemar
O'zone Babylone


Como Jivono di Matario


Jivago v. h. Wantij
INT & DV & VDH & HU & A & SLO CH ZTP V1A SchH1

Ono Royal Bell
FIN & EST CH EDC Junior W'99 & Youth W'00 BH HK2 (Search 2) ADpr

Medusa von der Räuberhöhle

MultiCH MultiSg ZTP V1A SchH3

Alfa Adelante del Citone

Nemesis Figi v. Koepsel

O'zone Narnia

© O. Vilkuna

O'zone NARNIA age 5 hours with monther Åsa

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia 4 days

© O. Vilkuna

O'zone NARNIA, 4 days old

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia at age 1 week

© O. Vilkuna

Oz.Narnia almost 5 weeks

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia almost 5 weeks & Oz. Evald 7½ years

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia almost 5 weeks & mother Åsa

© T. Paavola

Narnia 6 weeks

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia 6 weeks having fun in the first snow

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia almost 6 weeks & mother Åsa, 11/2012

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia almost 7 weeks out in fresh fallen snow

© J. Manninen

Narnia 8 weeks in new home

© J. Manninen

Narnia 8 weeks in new home

© J. Manninen

Narnia 9 weeks

© T. Hämälainen

Narnia 6 months together with friend Benji

© T. Hämäläinen

Narnia 6 months expression

© H. Salo

Narnia 7 months, BOS-Puppy Jämsä 18.5.13

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia 8½ months with Oz. Lemminkäinen 2 years, 06/2013

© H. Salo

O'zone Narnia 13 months at Jyväskylä INT 16.11.13

© O. Vilkuna

Narnia almost 21 months in Pärnu, 07/2014

© J. Hämäläinen

Narnia in Lapland 06/2015

© J. Hämäläinen

Narnia with her malaute friend, summer 2015

Narnia 08/2018

Narnia 9 years 10/2021

ED- 0/0
neck & spine x-rayed: normal (03/2014)
no evidence of inherited eye diseases (11/2015)
vWd - carrier (DNA -test Laboklin)
dilutefactor - free (DD; DNA-test Laboklin)
CAH - M0 (normal; 03/2016)

13.6.2015 Swedish Mental test, MH; passed

Narnia in FKU database

ow.: J. Manninen & J. Hämäläinen, breeding-right kennel O'zone

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months)

18.5.2013 Jämsä, National Show 1.st HP & Best Female Puppy & BOS-Puppy for H. Jokislita (FI)

29.6.2013 Hämeenlinna, National Show Best Female Puppy & HP & BOB-Puppy for L. Pinto Texeira (PT)

30.6.2013 Tuusula, National Show Best Female Puppy & HP & BOB-Puppy for D. Spavin (GB)

Shown in Intermediate class

05.07.2014 Pärnu INT (Estonia) EX1 CQ for K. P. Reisinger (A)

6.7.2014 Pärnu INT (Estonia) EX1 CQ for M Polivanov (RU)

Shown in Intermediate class

22.8.2014 Luige Nat.show (Estonia) 0 for S. Vakkilainen (FI)

23.8.2014 Tallinn INT (Estonia) EX1 CQ 3rd Best Female CAC for M. Palgi (EST)

24.8.2014 Tallinn INT (Estonia) EX1 CQ 2nd Best Female CAC res-CACIB -> will be converted to CACIB for I. Gergel (UA)

shown in Open Class

20.12.2014 Vilnis INT (Lithuania) VG for J. Walsh (IRL)

21.12.2014 Vilnus INT (Lithuania) EX4 for A. Filatova (RUS)

21.6.2015 Tromso (Norway) EX3 CQ 4th Best Female for E. Liljekvist-Borg (SE)

Oz. Narnia puppywalk at age 11 days

Narnia puppywalk age 3 weeks

Puppytested by J. Vierimaa on 2.12.12

O'zone N-litter, tested 15.9.2012 (at age of 49 days). The test evaluates the characteristics required in training and adaptation to different environments that affect as well everyday life and working with a dog. The test can also help in evaluating possible problem behaviors and qualities necessary for training a dog.

Very open-minded, explorative individual at the time of the puppy test. Strange place and situation with strange person needed a short familiarisation which made possible that learned skills generalised quite quickly. Narnia was interested in different parts of the test and therefore easily directed too. Behavior in separation-related situations were typical for an active puppy - quiet relaxing was slow at first.

Behavior in handling situations showed a typical first class label for Narnia's breeder. Relaxing was fast and puppy was always ready for some more. In canine predatory behavior there was no significant highlighted features, it was a fluent chain but there was really nice social component which included retrieving, for example. Narnia's gestures were friendly and she had a lot of them.

Narnia is familiarised with a lot of disruptive stimuli which demonstrated itself as a good capability to focus on the human tester without being stressed in a test situation of 5+5 minutes. The test was renewed and the results mostly remained the same.

The breeding seems to have excellent results. Narnia is well built and her behavior is suitable for versatile training/dog sport.

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