O'zone T-litter

born 9.8.2016

T'Aramis, T'Aragorn, Thesiree, Thessalia, Thalassa, Theba,

CIB & BALT & LV & LT & EE & BLR & RUS & PL & UA & UA GRAND CH, BALT & LV & LT & EE JCH, Crufts Qualification 2010-2011, BALT JW'08, LT W'09, LV W'10 &'11, BALT W'12, OGRE W'13, LV VCH, OGRE VW'15, LV VW'15

Aragorn The King Vitalight

* 27.6.2007
* hd-A/B
* baer ? (not tested)
* complete dentition
* stable and open character
* more on Gosha and his progeny

CIB & TLN WinterCup Winner-14, BALT, FI, EE, LV, LT CH WJW-11

O'zone Kharisma

* 4.4.2010
* hd-A/A
* ed - 0/0
* baer +/+ (bilateral)
* missing 2 x P4
* stable and open character
* more on Dana
* Dana in FKU database
* progeny O'zone Q -litter

Aragorn The King Vitalight

O'zone Kharisma


CIB & BALT & LV & LT & EE & BLR & RUS & PL & UA & UA GRAND CH, BALT & LV & LT & EE JCH, Crufts Qualification 2010-2011, BALT JW'08, LT W'09, LV W'10 &'11, BALT W'12, OGRE W'13

Aragorn The King Vitalight

CIB & DK & SE & NO & EE CH

Jilloc's Loverboy

Rocca Al Mare Allegro Ad Jilloc's
Cheerio Victory
CIB & NORD & LUX & FI CH, EUW'96, SEW'92 & '93 & '94 & '95, NORDW'96 & '97
Skartofta's Clothilde

Timanka's Close Enough
T-Cart Unicus
Timanka's Victoria Falls
CIB & BALT & LV & LT & EE & RUS & SLO CH, LTW'06

Marnellin Joy To The World

T-Cart Black Baboo
Perdita's Jam Session
T-Cart Panthera Unica
CIB & FI & LV CH, PLW'98

Marnellin Lilia Florens
Hedera's Euonymus Nanus
Marnellin Domina Magna
CIB & TLN WinterCup Winner-14, BALT, FI, EE, LV, LT CH WJW-11

O'zone Kharisma

C.I.B & FIN & RUS & EST & LT & LV & BALT CH, EST W'08, ADpr, BH

O'zone Evald
S u & FIN & EST & LV CH

Ekryda Grane
Labyrinth Big Spender
Ekryda Embla
FIN & LV CH, FDC Youth Winner & BOS-Youth '03

Jilloc's Girl of Thousand Dream
Timanka's Famous Footsteps
Jilloc's A Match Made in Heaven

Lacrima Christi Close to Ozone
Multi CH

Dalissi Magical Moonshine
Multi CH
Busby's Freschman
Multi EUR CH
Salsusa Eternal Star
INT & Multi CH

Spotnik's Witty Wagtail
N & S u CH
Spotnik's Snow Storm
Spotnik's Primadonna

O'zone T'Aramis

T'Aramis 5½ weeks © A. Tasala

Juksu 7½ weeks stand © V. Nuutinen

Juksu almost 12 weeks © A. Tasala

Juksu 13.5 weeks winterfun :-) © A. Tasala

Juksu almost 4 months enjoying snow :-) © A. Tasala

T'Aramis 5 months Best Baby Male & HP & Best Male Puppy & BOS-Puppy, Lahti 29.1.2017 © A. Tasala

Juksu 5 months at Lahti Puppy Show © A. Tasala

Juksu 1 year © A. Tasala

Juksu 10½ months, 06/2017 © A. Tasala

Enjoying summer, 06/2017 © A. Tasala

BAER -/+
missing 1xP2, 2xP3

ow.: A. Tasala, breeding-right kennel O'zone

T'Aramis' owner's blog

shown in Baby class (5-7 months)

28.1.2017 Lahti; Best Baby Male & HP & 2nd Best Male Puppy for H. Tast (FI)
29.1.2017 Lahti; Best Baby Male & HP & Best Male Puppy & BOS-Puppy

shown in puppy class (7-9 months)

23.4.2017 Pello, Nat. Puppy show; Best Pupppy Male & HP & BOB-Puppy & BOG-2 Puppy for L. Finne (FI)

T'Aramis in FKU database

O'zone T'Aragorn

© V. Nuutinen

T'Aragorn 5½ weeks © A. Tasala

Topi 7½ weeks in new home & Rico 6 years © T. Vinni

Topi approx. 11 weeks © T. Vinni

Topi, Santa's aid :-) © T. Vinni

Topi, Santa's aid :-) © T. Vinni

Oz. T'Aragorn almost 6 months © V. Nuutinen

Oz. Thesiree & T'Aragorn almost 6 months © V. Nuutinen

Topi 12 months © S. Manninen

Topi & Mersu 07/2017 © M. Toivanen

Topi 10 months with doggyfriends © V. Nuutinen

BAER +/+
complete dentition

ow.: M. Tuominen

T'Aragorn in FKU database

O'zone Thesiree

© V. Nuutinen

Thesiree 5½ weeks © A. Tasala

Mom & daughter © V. Nuutinen

Desi 5 months at Lahti Puppy Show", © A. Tasala

Desi & her mom Dana, winter 2016-17 © V. Nuutinen

HD - A/B
ED - 0/0
LTV - 0 (lumbosacral transitional vertebra: 0, normal)
VA - 0 (vertebral anomaly: 0, normal)
BAER -/+
complete dentition

ow.: V. Nuutinen & kennel O'zone

shown in Baby class (5-7 months)

28.1.2017 Lahti; Best Baby Female & HP & Best Female Puppy & BOB-Puppy & BOG-3 Puppy for H. Tast (FI)
29.1.2017 Lahti; Best Baby Female & HP & 2nd Best Female Puppy for J. Tchokkinen (FI)

shown in junior class

27.5.2017 BALTW-17, Moletai (LT): EX2 for S. Lepasaar (EE)
28.5.2017 Moletai INT (LT): EX2 for Y. Ovsyannikova (RU)
3.6.2017 Norrköping (SE): EX3 for G. Goller (Australia)
4.6.2017 Norrköping (SE): EX3 for (SE)
11.6.2017 Latvian Winner-17, Riga (LV): EX2 for (DE)
18.6.2017 Tromsa INT (NO): EX2 CQ for A-M. Olsen (NO)

Thesiree in FKU database

O'zone Thessalia

Thessalia 5½ weeks © V. Nuutinen

Liah 8 weeks in new home © K. Hukkanen

Liah & Roni, autumn -16 © K. Hukkanen

Liah 8 months © K. Hukkanen

Liah 8.5 months © K. Hukkanen

BAER -/+
missing 2 x P3 , 2x P4

ow.: K. Hukkanen

shown in Baby class (5-7 months)

15.1.2017 Helsinki; 3rd Best Baby Female for P. Rekiranta (FI)
28.1.2017 Lahti; 2nd Best Baby Female for H. Tast (FI)
29.1.2017 Lahti; 3rd Best Baby Female for J. Tchokkinen (FI)
25.3.2017 Jyväskylä; Best Baby Female & HP, 2nd Best Female Puppy for P. Såhlberg (FI)

shown in Puppy class (7-9 months)

25.3.2017 Jyväskylä; 2nd Best Female Puppy & HP for P. Såhlberg (FI)
26.3.2017 Lahti; Best Female Puppy & HP & BOB-Puppy for U. Timonen (FI)

Thessalia in FKU database

O'zone Thalassa

Thalassa 5½ weeks © V. Nuutinen

Oz. Thalassa aka. Luna 8 months

BAER +/+
dentition: ??

ow.: K. Lammert

shown in puppy class (7-9 months)

23.4.2017 Helsinki Nat. Puppy show; 2nd Best Puppy Female for A. Paloheimo

O'zone Theba

Theba 5½ weeks © A. Tasala

BAER +/+
missing 2xP3

ow.: P. Silvennoinen

O'zone T-litter 2 days © O. Vilkuna

Oz. T-litter at almost 3 weeks © O. Vilkuna

Oz. T-litter pups at age 3 weeks © O. Vilkuna

T-litter pups at age 3½ weeks © O. Vilkuna

Kharisma 6½ years & T'Aramis, Thessalia and Thesiree 7½ weeks © V. Nuutinen

T-litter pups almost 7 weeks © O. Vilkuna

T'Aramis almost 7 weeks and uncle Ilmarinen almost 8 years © O. Vilkuna

Juksu & Desi 5 months in brace at Lahti Puppy Show © A. Tasala

O'zone T-pentue, testattu 28.9.2016 (50 vrk ikäisenä);

Testi arvioi niitä koulutuksellisia ja ympäristöön sopeutumiseen liittyviä ominaisuuksia, jotka vaikuttavat niin arkielämään kuin harrastamiseen. Testin avulla voidaan arvioida mm. ongelmakäyttäytymisen mahdollisuuksia ja koulutuksellisesti palkitsevia asioita. Pennut tutkivat ensimmäisellä kierroksella testialueen hyvin kattavasti, osa testaajan kanssa ja osa itsenäisemmin. Toisella kierroksella paikkaan tottuminen näkyi aktiivisempana ajanviettona testaajan seurassa. Paikkaan tottuminen myös nopeutti mukautumisessa testaajan vaihtelevaan toimintaan.

Käsittelytilanteissa pennut reagoivat liikkumisen rajoittamiseen enemmän ensimmäisellä testikierroksella, jolloin ne myös tutkivat testitilaa aktiivisemmin. Saalistuskäyttäytymisen osalta pennut vaikuttivat etsimisen ohella innokkailta jahtaajilta ja kiinnostuivat vetoleikistä testaajan kanssa. Takaa-ajon voimakkuudesta huolimatta pennut palautuivat kiihdyttävästä leikistä nopeasti. Yleisesti pennut vaikuttivat tottuneen arkisiin häiriötekijöihin hyvin ja uteliaisuus voitti jännityksen. Suurin vaihtelu näkyi pentuiälle tyypilliseen tapaan vieraaseen tilanteeseen tottumisessa, joka vaikutti ensimmäisellä kierroksella myös leikkimiseen.

Kaikilla pennuilla on erinomaiset edellytykseen monipuoliseen ja aktiiviseen elämään, harrastamiseen ja seikkailemiseen.


O'zone T-litter, tested 28.9.2016 (at the age of 50 days);

The test evaluates the characteristics required in training and adaptation to different environments that affect as well everyday life and working with a dog. The test can also help in evaluating possible problem behaviors and qualities necessary for training a dog. Puppies explored the test area fully in the first round, some with a human tester with them and some more independently. Adaptation to novel environment led to more active and continuous interaction with the tester. Adaptation made also engaging in different tasks easier for puppies in changing situations.

Behavior in restrictive handling situations was more reactive in the first round when puppies were more explorative though were clearly used to be carried and held in hands. Along with searching the strongest parts of canine predatory behavior were chase and grab-bite. When puppies had searched thoroughly the test area they were interested in playing tug of war with the tester. Despite the intensity of chase behavior, puppies relaxed easily when playing stopped.

Puppies were familiarised with a lot of disruptive stimuli which demonstrated itself as a good capability to focus on the human tester without being distressed in a two test situations. The test was renewed and the results remained the same or got better because puppies tried to adapt in novel situation really actively. Along with active appearances puppies have quite different personalities and different motivations to be active. That should be endorsed when socializing the dog by giving time for acclimation to happen in novel situations. Playing with dogs seemed to give the clearest observations if they felt comfortable in a novel situation with a novel person.

The breeding seems to have excellent results. Puppies are well built and their behaviors are suitable for active life, versatile training, dog sports and adventuring.

Tested by Jirka Vierimaa
Animal Trainer / Animal Behavioral Therapist

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