Dalmatian puppies

O'zone Y -litter is born 10.10.2021: 8 males & 2 females

Our next Dalmatian litter is planned for spring 2022 / Seuraava dalmatiankoirapentueemme on suunniteilla keväälle 2022

O'zone Y -litter is born 10.10.2021; 8 males & 2 females!
O'zone Y -pentue on syntynyt 10.10.2021; 8 urosta & 2 narttua!

Mis-zer Fear of The Dark approx. 5 weeks 05/2018, sired by our CIB MultiCH O'zone Ilmarinen
© T. Saarinen

Magical Spots Kick Up Highway Dust approx. 4 months 10/2019, sired by our CIB MultiCH Blanco Solar Gabriel
© T. Tuuva

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